25 Mar

Envy Fashion C has a decent trust rating. Why?

Envy Fashion Co is unequivocally not a forgery.According to our evaluation of the website, Envy Fashion Co received a 66%. Websites that pose a medium-to-low risk are given this trust score. Our trust score automatically generates a rating by searching the web for relevant data. We investigate 37 additional details, such as where the website is hosted, where the domain name was registered, and what technologies are being used. Envy Fashion Co's rating is accurate because it is generated automatically by FashionnCo. Every time you visit a new website with the intention of shopping or entering personal information, we always suggest that you manually check it out.


Flashstart investigated it for malware and phishing. Flashstart also checks the website's security for phishing and viruses to provide consumers with a safer surfing experience.

According to the traffic rank, there is not a lot of traffic. This website appears to be for sale right now (how to get your money back). There was no mention of the SSL certificate. This website is a pretty recent creation.

Business Review

This website appears to be no longer active. The domain name has been "parked," which means the original website has been taken down and is either being sold or is not being used at all. To get your money back if you were scammed on this website, move swiftly. To learn how to accomplish this, see this article. While visiting new websites, it's crucial to exercise caution and do your homework. This can lessen the chance of being a victim of fraud and losing money.

Website Evaluation

This website's Trac score is poor. In comparison to other websites from the nation where this one is located, this might be regarded as low. Please spend more time researching the organisation if you believe this website should be extremely well-known. It seems questionable. For a new or tiny website, a low Alexa rating is typical. This website was only just launched. 

As a result, we strongly suggest that you thoroughly review this website before engaging with it. To achieve this, go to our blog post on "How to Recognize a Scam." Fraudulent websites are sometimes fairly new. They are removed from the internet after a few months because too many users leave negative feedback and comments on social media. They will attempt to con you up until that point.

Technical Analysis

There was no SSL certificate found. For small websites that only offer content distribution and do not need registration or form completion, they are still acceptable. There is no safe route for communication between your computer or mobile device and the website, which is a serious security flaw for any other website. Technical analysis is a technique used to assess securities by looking at market data such as historical prices and volume. Although it is a well-liked tool for traders and investors to use when making decisions about buying and selling stocks, it shouldn't be the only thing taken into account.

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