14 Nov

Because the trust score is fair, lily-bra.com is most likely legitimate. Our Scamadviser system assigned a score of 74 to lily-bra.com. The trust score is calculated using 40 distinct data points that we gathered. From whether or not contact information is buried, to other websites hosted on the same server, to reviews discovered on the internet, and so on. While we rate lily-bra.com as medium to low risk, we always advise you to conduct your own due diligence because the website was evaluated automatically. Manually check the webpage as well.

Company Evaluation

The website's proprietor is concealing his name. This information is used by spammers to promote services to website owners. As a result, some website owners have chosen to conceal their contact information. Scammers, on the other hand, can take advantage of it. If the identity of the website owner is displayed, our system gives it a high ranking.

Technical Evaluation

This website displays reviews using techniques that it can control. In principle, the site's owner may choose whether or not to display, alter, or prioritise reviews. While the website may be legitimate, fraudsters who manufacture their own reviews use internal review systems like this. As a result, we awarded the website fewer points.
This website accepts payment methods that are relatively safe, such as credit card and Paypal. These organisations normally provide the opportunity to get your money back if the merchant fails to deliver or if the merchandise is damaged during shipment. However, no payment mechanism always returns money. Make sure you make your complaint on time, and be mindful of the restrictions imposed by your credit card or payment method.

Customer Reviews

I couldn't be happier with my new buy. My morning routine and workouts have become far more lively... and ecologically friendly! Knowing that the cloth is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles is great and fantastic. I am beyond thrilled! I purchased the Avalon leggings and the Lily Bra in fire red. Not only does this colour instantly improve my attitude in the morning, but the cuts also fit well. The entire attire keeps my body in great shape as I jump, dance, or practise yoga.

Other Buyer Says

I purchased the red bra for zumba, pilates, and hiking. It has exceeded my expectations. It dries quickly, is supportive, and of great quality. This bra allows me to move freely and comfortably. I also appreciate the fact that Aurore, the brand's originator, employs individuals who are paid living wages. As a result, I feel the quality and pricing are in balance. Most importantly, I believe in Aurore. She is a friend and businesswoman, as well as a kind and lovely spirit that practises what she teaches.

The Day Lily Padded Sports Bra is a luxurious, high-quality bra in a bright orange with yellow accents inspired by London Fashion Week. Because of the high-quality fabrics used, the Day Lily Padded Sports Bra is wonderfully soft and delivers a sumptuous sensation. The bra includes a scoop neckline and racerback, making it suitable for both high-impact sports and all-day use.

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