29 Mar

Product Description

With this Numi Plus, you can say no to pricey spa services. It is a cutting-edge gadget that combines LED light, infrared light, and face toning therapy with microcurrent into a single portable device. This may be used at the convenience of your own home and produces quick, simple, and painless results. The answer to all of your skincare issues is Numére Plus.


Red LED light for fine lines and wrinkles, blue LED light for pimples and blemishes, green LED light for sunspots and uneven skin tone, and light blue LED light for an immediate repair of the three lights mixed with infrared light for better results.


It also makes use of micro-current, which creates cellular-level electrical currents. Your skin will be lifted and tightened, and the EMS (electric muscle stimulation) will help lessen fine lines and wrinkles.

Just One Solution

It is your new method for getting painless, quick, simple, and affordable anti-ageing effects while remaining in the convenience of your own home.


With Numiere Plus, you no longer need to pay for expensive medical spa services. Damage and blemishes will vanish, and your face will show immediate benefits with plumper skin and fewer wrinkles.

Lifetime Warranty

With every product, NuMeRe offers a lifetime warranty. Any damage, flaws, or other problems resulting from the product's design or construction are covered by our lifetime guarantee. Daily wear and tear or improper product handling are not covered by this guarantee. You must pay a warranty charge of $49.95 to start the warranty process and to pay for the shipping and handling of your new unit. Please be aware that you will receive a new product instead of having your goods fixed. only US addresses Send the entire product, including all of its components, to the address shown below. Include your name, address, phone number, and email address, as well as a description of the issue you're having with your gadget.


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