18 Mar

Is RetellRule com a trustworthy website?

Retellrule, also known as Retellrule com, is a Kentish Ltd.-owned internet company that is purportedly offering Amazon return pallets. They advertise on social media sites and say they offer clothing. Regrettably, we investigated and found out some downsides concerning the store. The store's red flags are shown below.
For These 6 Reasons, Retellrule Is Not A Legitimate Website

inadequate customer service

The single contact method offered on the Retellrule internet store is a scam! Emails submitted to "[email protected]" do not receive a response. How can clients then get in touch with the shop after making an order? This is strange!

No Business Address:

Retellrule does not give any actual company addresses on the website's Contact Us page. How then can customers find the store in the event of a refund or product return?

Poor Quality:

If you look closely enough, you'll see that several of the models whose faces were featured on the Retellrule website had their features chopped off. This indicates that the images were copied from other websites, and as a result, after making an order, customers will receive completely different or subpar clothing.

Lack of security

There is no Norton, McAfee, or other security company trust seal on the website. Consumers' money and personal information are not protected as a result, making them open to internet hackers. Beware!

Site's Age:

Retellrule was just registered on February 27, 2023, and as a consequence has not stood the test of time, according to WHOIS, a domain checker. It is impossible to vouch for newly registered websites because there is no prior history. Moreover, internet fraudsters sometimes employ recently built websites to mislead online customers. Beware! Avoid being a victim. Could it be that the Retellrule online store's creators are wary of being known on social media platforms? On the website, there is no social networking symbol available. We looked but were unable to discover the store's social media profile.

Other justifications for avoiding shopping at this store include the following:

Trust Rating:

RetellRule com's trustworthiness is really low. Buyers are urged to exercise caution and avoid falling victim to fraud by not ignoring this warning sign.


It is clear that the clothing on display does not belong to Retellrule. The images, like those of many other Amazon pallet businesses like Figureoutus com, were plagiarised from other websites.

Must You Purchase From This Shop?

No! When placing an order, there is a strong chance that you won't get anything or that you'll get low-quality items.

Getting a subpar or low-quality product:

You should exercise caution when purchasing online to avoid becoming a victim of these scam artists.

Not Getting the Product:

Online con artists frequently use low pricing and substantial discounts to entice customers, but after an order has been placed, the purchased products are never delivered.

Fraudulent Credit Card Use:

These unscrupulous web shops are prone to hacking credit card information. Sometimes the price of the items is doubled, or you are charged for something you didn't order.

VIP Membership Scam:

Do you know about the VIP membership scam? This is one method used by internet fraudsters to deceive unsuspecting victims. When you place a purchase here, you are unintentionally and automatically charged for joining the VIP membership group. A fraudulent internet store using this structure is Xemsy.

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