14 Nov

A computer algorithm decided the review of thermohandz.com, where 0 is highly unreliable and 100 is regarded safe to use. Our system calculates the trust score based on 40 distinct data elements. Examples include the server's location in relation to the company's location, whether or not contact information is shown, ratings and reviews provided on Safe.Shop and other review sites, and so on.

Company Review

The website's owner's identity has been concealed. This might be done for a legitimate cause, such as spammers using this information to email website owners. Unfortunately, this makes identifying the owner difficult. We would prefer that the website reveal his genuine identify.

Webshop Review

This website has a poor Tranco rating. This is low in comparison to other websites from the website's country. If you believe this website should be highly popular, please spend more time investigating the firm because this is suspicious. A low Alexa rating might be considered typical for a new or tiny website.
This website was newly launched. As a result, we recommend that you thoroughly investigate this website before interacting with it. You may do so by reading our blog post "How to Recognize a Scam." Scam sites are sometimes quite young. They are pulled off the web after a few months because too many customers submit unfavourable reviews and comments on social media. They will try to con you till then.

Technical Review

We deducted a few points from this website since it employs an internal review system. An internal review system enables the website's owner to pick reviews and even change or eliminate client reviews. This appears to be less transparent than third-party reviews like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and Reseller Ratings.
Thoughts / KnowledgeThe trustworthiness of Thermohandz com might alter at any time. Even if one individual suspects a website is a fraud, this is not always the case. As a result, we simply provide information to our visitors so that they may create their own opinions.

Is it Not Likely a Scam!?

If you are certain that Thermohandz.com is genuine, please click the Red 'This Site is Not a Scam' link at the top of this report. This is a one-tap element that will keep you on this report and allow you to vote for us.
If you are the owner of Thermohandz.com and your e-commerce shop is legitimate, we strongly advise you to contact us so we can immediately investigate further and then remove or change any or all crucial information if the e-commerce retailer is legitimate.

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