12 Apr

What I Learned While Buying Things for Myself

The offers from Good Morning America and The View were selected by Tory Johnson. Get immediate assistance at viewy our deal com if you are having a problem or query. By manufacturer, shipping times truly differ. Frequently, you can locate the product on Amazon, read the user evaluations beforehand, and also assess what a wonderful deal it is!

Branded, high-quality products delivered directly to you

On popular goods, our staff negotiates substantial reductions from top companies. These leading businesses cherish your business and the chance to be seen on national television. They're prepared to provide the biggest discounts since they're selling to you directly rather than through a third party, which results in them passing huge savings onto you. To obtain any offer from the brand directly, kindly use the links given above.

Shop with assurance from reputable companies.

With View Your Deal, you are confidently making a direct purchase from each firm, in contrast to numerous flash sales and deal websites that are run by third parties. Each business wants to wow you with huge discounts on their premium goods, and they'll answer any questions you have before or after you place your order. To obtain any offer from the brand directly, kindly use the links given above.

Limited Supplies for a Limited Period of Time

Each offer is only valid for a short period of time while supplies last due to the substantial discounts and the high volume of sales. Even though we do our best to get a large amount of inventory for each promotion, we regrettably cannot promise that your preferred choice will be available. Each bargain is announced live on The View on ABC during the show, which is broadcast weekdays at 11 a.m. ET and 10 a.m. CT and PT. It is only valid for 24 hours, while supplies last. Directly on each firm's website are the times and dates that are now in effect. View The View's Deal Offers on ABC


View the purchase price for your offer. (Retail price: $55–110) $27.50–$55 with a 50% discount and free shipping


Examine Your Offer Retail cost is $199; sale price is $99 with a 50% discount; and delivery is free.

Foot Pocket

View the purchase price for your offer. (Retail price: $49.99–99.99) $14.99–49.99 50%–70% off

Warmth holders

View the purchase price for your offer. Retail price: $12.99–29.99, range: $6.50–14.99, 50% off


View your offer's purchase price. Ordinarily $29.99–$169.99 $14.99–84.99 50%–73% off

David, Ponyflo, and Young

Purchase cost: $12.50 to $15 (retail cost: $25 to $30) When you purchase two or more items, you will receive a 50%-51% discount as well as FREE shipping.

Motivated Generations

View the purchase price for your offer. $22–30 ($28–38 at retail) Free delivery and a 21% discount for purchases of $40 or more

James Harper

View Your Deal discounted cost (retail: $35–75) $17-$45 Free shipping for orders over $40 and discounts of over 30%
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