22 Mar

What distinguishes the original Fit Track from Vital Fit Track?

The Vital Fit Track is just a better version of the Fit Track. This time, the crucial fit health team has boosted the accuracy of the heart rate and other important health readings and included new measures like skin temperature. Additionally, the Vital Fit Track also offers a wider range of exercises and workouts that can be tracked, making it a more comprehensive health tracking device.

Is Vital Fit Track a fitness tracker or a smartwatch?

The two are combined in Vital Fit Track. It is a smartwatch with a fitness component, namely, heart rate. In addition to heart rate, Vital Fit Track also measures other important health readings and skin temperature, making it a comprehensive health monitoring device. It is designed to provide users with a complete picture of their overall health and fitness.

Is it simple to regulate Vital Fit Track?

Controlling the Vital Fit Track is a rather simple process. According to the vital Fit Health team, this watch includes a built-in touch pad that encourages one-touch control. Additionally, the Vital Fit Track also allows users to track their daily steps, calories burned, and sleep patterns for a comprehensive understanding of their overall health and fitness.

Vital Fit Track is water resistant.

Vital Fit Track is advertised as being mostly sweatproof and splash resistant. They are cautioned against swimming while using Essential Fit Track, though.

How can I connect a smartphone to a Vital Fit tracker?

Users must first download the Vital Fit Track app by either scanning the QR code in the user guide or using the app store's search bar to look for "Dayband." Second, consumers must confirm that Bluetooth is enabled on their smartphone device. Opening the app and selecting "Device," followed by "Add a New Device," are the last steps. Once the Vital Fit tracker appears on the list of available devices, users should select it and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process. After successful pairing, users can start tracking their fitness data using the app.

Can I use Vital Fit Track if my phone isn't nearby?

Vital Fit Track may keep data on its own for up to 7 days. After the data syncs to the user's phone, all data will be transmitted. However, it is important to note that the device needs to be within a certain range of the phone in order to sync the data. If the device is too far away from the phone, it may not be able to transmit the data.

Are the Vital Fit Track readings reliable for those with darker skin tones?

It is said that vital Fit Track can properly detect health indicators for persons with darker skin tones since it contains upgraded VC31 and VC32 sensor chips. Actually, this timepiece uses the Fitzpatrick Scale, which recognises six different skin tones (light, fair, medium, olive, brown, and black). This also holds true for wrist tattoos! It is important to note that while the Vital Fit Track may be more reliable for those with darker skin tones, it is still recommended to consult with a healthcare professional for accurate health assessments and advice. Additionally, factors such as hydration levels and the positioning of the device can also affect the accuracy of the readings.

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